Developed by Coraltech Ltd in the UK, Coralfoam process technologies use foam producing additives in combination with moving cores to create lightweight foamed parts without increasing cycle time. This “core back” injection/expansion moulding process can produce structural applications that feature dramatic weight savings. The weight savings derive from the ability to redesign parts based on high density reductions (expansion of 30% or more) and resulting increased stiffness to weight ratios.

“Core back” expansion molding varies from the traditional injection molding process as, once the gas-laden resin has filled up the mold, the volume of the mold is increased, causing the foam to expand as the gas is released. This means stiffer plastic parts, with low density and good rigidity, which can be made with lower volumes of plastic resin, often with a reduced cycle time. This plastic foam molding technology can potentially be applied to nearly all plastic parts.
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